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4 Things to Do Before A Flood: Rebuilding Houston

Floods can happen anywhere at any time. This past weekend, serval cities in Houston were forced to evacuate due to heavy rain. Houston, Texas, is no stranger to flooding. The city's geographical location and climate make it particularly susceptible to these natural disasters.  As a result, this have caused many Houstonians to rebuild their homes to combat the rising water levels.

Some traumatic experiences were road closures due to street and highway flooding, vehicles floating, and sadly even people dying. This has brought the issue of Houston flooding into sharp focus. Surrounding parts North of Houston that were heavily impacted are Conroe, Splendora, Livingston, Kingwood, etc. In Addition, areas West of Houston, by the San Jacinto River were heavily impacted by the rain such Channelview. 

We will explore four things that you can do to minimize the chance that your property will be heavily impacted by floodwaters.

Stay Informed and Prepared

Houston's geography plays a significant role in its flood risk. The city is located on a coastal plain, with many low-lying areas.

This topography, combined with the city's proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, makes it susceptible to heavy rainfall. Tropical storms and hurricanes often bring intense precipitation.

Houston's geographical location and topography

by Vlad Busuioc (

Urban development in Houston has been rapid and expansive. This growth has led to an increase in impervious surfaces, such as concrete and asphalt. These surfaces prevent rainwater from being absorbed into the ground. Instead, it quickly runs off, overwhelming drainage systems.

The loss of natural landscapes, like wetlands, also exacerbates flooding. These areas act as natural sponges, absorbing excess water. Unchecked development in flood-prone areas has put more people and property at risk. It's a trend that needs careful management.

Protect Your Property 

Kingwood, a suburb of Houston, has been hit hard by recent floods. This area provides a stark example of the challenges faced. The community is situated near the San Jacinto River. This proximity to water bodies increases its vulnerability to flooding. The response to the flooding in Kingwood has been commendable. Emergency services, community initiatives, and government aid have been mobilized.

  • Staying up to date on emergency weather forecasts and nearby evacuation routes. 
  • Seal openings- neglected cracks in your home's foundation can exacerbate water damage from windows and doors. 
  • Consider flood insurance. Obtaining adequate coverage can help if disaster strikes especially in high-risk areas.
  • Consider getting involved in community incentives to raise awareness of neighborhoods

Flooding in Kingwood, Houston

by Kevin Hernandez (

In Polk County alone, hundreds of properties have been damaged by 15-20 inches of rain. The cost of repairs is estimated to be in the millions. Beyond property damage, the floods have disrupted lives. Many residents have been displaced, forced to seek temporary shelter. Local businesses have also suffered. The economic impact of the flooding is significant and will be felt for years to come. The environmental impact is another concern. Floodwaters can cause contamination and disease, posing health risks to residents.

Community response was also commendable. Neighbors helped each other, showcasing the resilience of the Houston spirit. Non-profit organizations played a crucial role too. They provided food, shelter, and other necessities to flood victims. The floods highlighted the importance of a coordinated response. It's essential for minimizing the impact of such disasters.

Get Involved in Community Initiatives

Looking ahead, Houston faces the challenge of preparing for future floods. This involves both infrastructure improvements and community education. Infrastructure upgrades are crucial. They can help manage floodwaters and minimize damage. Community education is equally important. Residents need to understand the risks and know how to respond. Ultimately, Houston's ability to prevent and manage future floods will depend on a combination of these efforts. It's a complex task, but one that is vital for the city's future.

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